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Why a Foundation

When starting an activity with possible social, labor, or fiscal implications, one looks for the appropriate legal form according to the goals and objectives.



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It is important to keep in mind that Spanish legislation, as in the rest of the Western world, establishes important fiscal incentives for a series of activities performed by individuals or companies through a foundation as a legal entity.

There are, therefore, activities that if not performed as a foundation suppose losing opportunities. Fore example, eldercare, childcare, healthcare, culture, music, education, R+D, economic and trade promotion, social movements, etc.

Furthermore, the foundation is a strategic tool:

At the time of capturing funds and receiving public and private support

Projecting a good image, generate confidence, and gain in reputation

At the time of establishing alliances, and getting to new interest groups

More resistant to crises and less dependent on the market thanks to the possibility of receiving income from alternative sources

Very flexible with regards to changes

With the capacity to grow


The services we offer span the lifecycle of a foundation, from its set up to its management afterwards:

Setting up foundations

We provide advice to those who are interested in setting up a foundation from the beginning to the end, providing the option to manage the procedure entirely through our firm, in the sense that the interested party receives the foundation completely set up and ready to start functioning.

Consultancy for foundations

We offer a specialized service of tax, legal and project consulting, with over 30 years of experience in working for these kinds of entities. We like to be “one more”, adding value to decisions and help searching for resources and new projects.

Taxation of foundations

The tax regimen of foundations is particular and often unknown. Generally, it tends to be confused with the fiscality of associations and limited liability companies and, although it has some common elements, specially with the latter, not taking into account or ignoring such specific legislation can generate serious problems.



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